About Us

Founded in 1989, Cook Ross Inc. is a certified woman-owned consulting firm that specializes in organizational cultural development and transformation, leadership, and diversity & inclusion issues. Our nationally-recognized team of 20 full-time employees is based in the Washington DC area, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.   We have an additional extended body of associate consultants who live in various locations around the United States, Europe and Asia. As a company, Cook Ross consultants have worked on client projects in 47 of the 50 United States and in dozens of other countries around the world.

Company Philosophy and Core Approach

As global workforces become more diverse, many organizations face new challenges finding systems-level solutions to create a professional environment that benefits from the inherent differences in all people. Without the awareness of the diverse talent that does exist in the workforce, global organizations can miss those individuals who might ultimately provide that overall competitive advantage. Thus, with ever-changing dynamics of diversity in the 21st century, we at Cook Ross Inc. can help our clients on that journey.

As such, the core of our work is based on a deep evidence-based understanding of human consciousness at the individual, group, and organizational level. By basing our work in scientific research, we find that Cook Ross Inc. can promote a more grounded approach that speaks to the fundamental needs of businesses while still address the attitudinal changes needed to create sustainable shifts in organizational systems and individual behaviors. Strengthened by our commitment to an experiential learning model based on personal and professional development, Cook Ross Inc. has the capacity to tailor our work to the culture of the people and client organizations with whom we partner everyday.

Although our company has become widely associated with our breakthrough work in “unconscious bias”, Cook Ross Inc. will always be a full service organizational development firm which can serve your needs everyday.