Our Team


Howard J. Ross
Founding Partner
    Michael Leslie Amilcar
    Managing Partner
      Leslie Traub
      Partner & Chairperson


        Dwight Anderson
        Client Relationship Lead
          Samiah Anderson
          Learning & Innovation Associate
            Shayne Bauer-Ellsworth
            Solutions Architect
              Kia Beachum
              Office Assistant
                Dr. Shirley Davis
                Principal Consultant
                  Arielle Edmonson
                  Fulfillment & Events Manager
                    Dan Egol
                    Chief of Staff
                      Grace Eickmeyer
                      Project Manager
                        Robby Gregg
                        Customer Engagement Lead
                          Lynn Ifesanya
                          Solutions Consultant
                            Meg Kiernan
                            Project Manager
                              Anna Mack
                              Business Development Analyst
                                Hannah Mack
                                Learning & Innovation Manager
                                  Laura Malinowski
                                  Director of Project Management
                                    Ben Mann
                                    Project Manager
                                      Armers Moncure
                                        Samir Patel
                                        Financial Consultant
                                          Eric Peterson
                                          Senior Consultant
                                            Kimberly Rattley
                                            Senior Consultant
                                              Allyson Robinson
                                              Senior Consultant
                                                Debra Schwartz
                                                Director of Operations
                                                  Pedro Suriel
                                                  Director of Consulting
                                                    Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale
                                                    Principal Consultant
                                                      Minjon Tholen
                                                        Isabel Varela
                                                        Project Manager