Bart Bailey

Bart Bailey



With more than two decades of management, supervisory, and training experience, Bart Bailey has dedicated his professional career to helping others overcome obstacles. He helps them to improve themselves and succeed professionally and personally.

A Pennsylvania native who grew up in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area, Bailey graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, N.J., with a BS and MBA in business management. It was his compassion for his coworkers and a dedication to improving their workplace safety that drove him to turn his focus to a career in improving performance and safety in the companies for which he works.

Bailey is an adjunct professor at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts. A professor in the Masters of Organizational Psychology program. He is responsible for helping students understand leadership and use of self.

Bailey recently served as a process improvement leader for PPL Electric Utilities’ Technical Development and Improvement Group. He also served as a shift supervisor in PPL Electric Utilities’ emergency operations department. While at PPL, Bailey trained employees in the area of implicit and unconscious bias and helped facilitate training for employees on constructive culture and Lean thinking.

Prior to joining PPL, Bailey served in a number of roles to become well acquainted with a variety of industries. He began his professional career as a district manager for Jersey Central Power for 12 years, and then worked as an assistant branch manager for GCS Service, a division of Ecolab in Brooklyn, N.Y., before working for both the Harley Davidson Motor Company and Alcoa.

Bailey has focused his career on developing and improving employee motivation and safety behavior, change management, and community relations.