Laura Malinowski

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Laura Malinowski

Director of Project Management Office



In her position at Cook Ross, Laura Malinowski leads the organization’s Project Management Office and serves on the Leadership team. She is responsible for the strategic resource management, as well as project management process and quality, across client contracts. Ms. Malinowski has been with Cook Ross since 2002, and previously served the organization as head of the Solutions Department, responsible for the creation, content, design and fulfillment of Cook Ross products including public courses, publications, and online learning such as CultureVisionTM  and elearning. Her previous work experience includes the creation of a non-profit community organization, event deejaying, and five years at Phillips Publishing International in Potomac, MD. A Washington, DC area native, Laura holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Theater & Film.

In Her Own Words

What do you do (in 5 words or fewer)?
Stand for creativity, simplicity & ease.

What gives you hope?
My daughter, our team’s passion, and the interconnectedness of us all.

What’s the best advice you ever got?
Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset.