Merle Rockwell

Merle Rockwell



Merle Rockwell, PCC, BCC has 30 years of experience helping executives reach their fullest potential through individualized goal setting and leadership development. Initially trained as a consultant through the Leadership Laboratory® of the Gilburg Leadership Institute, Merle aspires to elicit the internal resources of emerging and established leaders by creating an environment that promotes self-awareness, personal commitment, and leadership practice.

She has successfully brought this work to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, coaching executives in their SES program, and to state and local entities in their leadership development and management programs. Additionally, Merle’s practice most recently includes coaching leaders in the US Departments of Homeland Security and the Interior, NASA, FERC and General Dynamics as well as with corporations based in the DC-metro area.

Merle adheres to the International Coach Federation’s core competencies and ethics. As a thought leader, she recognizes that the practice of conscious leadership requires a meaningful understanding of one’s individual nature, habits and beliefs. By providing powerful insights coupled with simple practices geared toward leveraging a client’s natural strengths as a leader, she places emphasis on a client driven agenda for their coaching work.

Merle uses a co-creative model of coaching by partnering with her clients throughout the coaching engagement. Her coaching style includes applying principles of deep and strategic listening to the client’s verbal and non-verbal messages, asking powerful and challenging questions to stimulate new perspectives, and opening the door to forwarding the actions of the client to help reach their professional goals in a way that keeps balance with the demands and goals of their personal lives.