Miguel Valenciano

Miguel Valenciano



Miguel has twenty three years of successful experience consulting, teaching, training, mentoring and coaching. He has managed large international, national, state and private sector contracts and projects and has extensive experience with leadership development, cultural competence/agility, coaching, workplace diversity, and workforce development. He has worked at various industries such as Local/State/Federal Government, Manufacturing, Food/Hospitality, Community-based Organizations, Education Institutions, Retail, and Construction.

Recognized across the US and internationally for his extensive work in the field of diversity and inclusion, leadership development and cultural competency, Miguel has been a featured speaker at many local, state, national and international conferences. He has conducted approximately 2,500 training sessions for more than 250,000 persons in multinational corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations in four continents. Miguel is equally comfortable working with executive teams, individual business owners, senior management and first line staff.

Miguel brings both practical experience and a dynamic presence to his work as a master trainer. His vision, energy and creativity contribute to his success in leading teams, facilitating and implementing strategic plans for organizations and providing outstanding training and consultation. Migue also conducts train the trainer programs at national and international levels.

Miguel’s leadership development vision includes:

Choose to think and act as an influential, mindful and courageous leader
Provide vision for the future
Strive to be culturally agile and humbled
Have the ability to influence self and others
Be passionate
Build an environment for others to feel valued, appreciated and engaged
Establish an environment of continuous improvement
Care and act with empathy and compassion
Be an ally: Speak up not only for yourself but for others:

Miguel is bilingual in English and Spanish. With a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Oregon and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Costa Rica, Miguel also holds a certificate in Educational Administration from Lewis and Clark College, and a certificate of ESL from Portland State University.