Peter DiCaprio

Peter DiCaprio



Peter DiCaprio is a consultant with Cook Ross. He has over ten years of experience as an organizational learning and development practitioner helping organizations enhance performance and profitability through learning, development, and diversity. He has delivered training at a wide variety of organizations including Apple Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers, and The United Nations.

He has worked in unconscious bias in multiple industries including aerospace, financial services, manufacturing, advertising, energy, communications, transportation, entertainment, and the food industry. He has done this work with people at every level of organization, from front line to top leadership. His work is strongly informed by his own journey to pursue equity, inclusion, and excellence as a heterosexual white US American male.

His work with groups of people who are racially white takes three important perspectives: that understanding race, racism, and ourselves as racial beings is central to our journey to create competence in racially diverse settings; that understanding ourselves as cultural beings creates a critical foundation for us to understand the cultural identities of others; and that compassion for ourselves (as well as for others) is critically important to the process of becoming more capable of living within greater degrees of diversity.

He holds a doctorate from Columbia University in the field of organizational learning. His research and work in racial awareness development emphasizes the roles and identity development of heterosexual white US American males using a multicultural perspective.

Peter spent much of his early career in the performing arts. As an actor, he has performed everything from Shakespeare to TV commercials, and has worked in off-Broadway theater. He has performed stand-up comedy in various venues. He considers humor to be a critically important communication tool in many settings, and specifically in the diversity and inclusion journey. He can still be found writing, recording, publishing, and performing music.