Sonia Aranza

Sonia Aranza



Ms. Aranza is a dynamic and seasoned global diversity and inclusion strategist with over 20 years of experience working with top clients such as Boeing, Capital One, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, NASA, Sodexo, Toyota, U.S. Army, Wal-Mart Global and more. The U.S. Department of Labor describes her work as “Outstanding!” Global audiences consistently rank her among the top speakers based on evaluations at large conferences executed by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and HRPA (Human Resources Professionals Association). Ms. Aranza is a trusted advisor and was selected to execute congressionally mandated diversity & inclusion training for several government agencies as well as legally mandated training to address landmark discrimination cases at several large corporations.

Ms. Aranza brings academic grounding to her work. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Inter-Cultural Communication from the University of Hawaii and was an international exchange student to Russia when the country was part of the Soviet Union. She earned two Master’s degrees: Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Communication from the University of Hawaii and Master of Arts in Public Communication from American University in Washington, DC. In addition, she graduated from Georgetown University’s Certificate Program in Business and continues to earn certifications from cutting-edge programs worldwide.

Respected by her colleagues, Ms. Aranza is a Past Chairperson of the Diversity Professional Experts Group of the National Speakers Association. She has received several awards including “Outstanding Woman of the Year” from the National Association of Professional Asian American Women and honored “100 Most Influential Filipina-Americans in the United States.” She was also honored “100 Top Global Filipina Women” and is featured in the book “Disrupt 2.0” where she authored the chapter titled “Transformational Leadership Begins Within.” Ms. Aranza mentors young leaders worldwide.