Cultural Competency


The ability to communicate with people from various cultural backgrounds is critical to being an effective leader in today’s diverse workplace. By learning the different styles in which people communicate, we open ourselves to greater success overall.

Cook Ross was an early leader in cultural competency, developing and leading education efforts as early as 1995 to help organizations focus on the impact of culture on their ability to collaborate internally and to serve their client populations.

Our trainings and tools are designed to encourage employees to examine individual patterns of communication, explore biases that are formed by our cultural backgrounds, and identify opportunities for expanding their cultural competency skills. Our approach to cultural competency is complementary to our extensive thought leadership in unconscious bias, drawing on recent neuro and cognitive science research to anchor culture in the functioning of the unconscious mind.

At Cook Ross, we believe that cultural competency can be learned, developed, lead to unprecedented growth, and vastly improve productivity, morale, internal communication, leadership, and customer satisfaction. Our cultural competency resources will empower your employees with a set of new skills, enabling them to relate more positively to customers and each other every day.


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