Businesswoman portrait with others. walking by.What would it look like if your organization’s women had an increased ability to . . .

  • Manage Boundaries
  • Make Clear Requests
  • Take Full Responsibility for their Choices
  • Connect with Self and Others
  • Communicate Authentically

Transform Your Organization

Although business for the last century has been mostly modeled on and catered to male cultural norms, women have unique views and approaches to values, performance, on the job behavior, career development, managing relationships, and how one relates to the workplace. Many women have felt they needed to assimilate to this male dominated culture in order to be successful, and as such, have given up core parts of who they are. Their turnover rates tend to be higher and job satisfaction lower.

Businessman SeriesThe Dynamic Choices for Women curriculum has been designed to support women in finding professional and personal fulfillment while working in more traditional environments. This research-based curriculum is the perfect solution for organizations looking to retain and attract women.

Our Commitment

Upon completion of the course:

  • Participants will have had an engaging and reflective experience that will leave them with greater clarity on their short and long term goals – both personal and professional.
  • Participants will have clearly defined actionable plans based on existing work life options and programs inside the firm.
  • Your company’s work/life programs will be positioned as valued options for multiple professional paths.

The company will be provided with clear and actionable feedback on

  • How better to support this group of participants.
  • Issues that are surfacing in this group of participants.

Curriculum Includes

  • In-house course delivery for 20 participants
  • Values assessment
  • One-day workshop
  • Two facilitators (facilitator/ participant ratio is 1:10)
  • Peer support
  • One professional coaching session per participant
  • Group follow-up
  • Organizational feedback


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