Unconscious Bias Learning Labs

Recent advances in neurosciences and cognitive sciences are leading us to deeper and more powerful understanding of how the human mind sees and relates to other people, and how that contributes to our organizational, human and societal challenges around diversity, inclusion, cultural competency and leadership. In an evolving society where the workforce and customer base has changed significantly and will continue to shift, it is essential for organizations to understand and demonstrate the impact of Unconscious Bias on organizational behavior, employee productivity and engagement and economic potential. During this three-day interactive learning experience, new skills will be gained in decision-making, building inclusive teams and cultures, intercultural communications, and increasing employee engagement.

Who Should Attend?

Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners, Human Resource Personnel, Organization Development and I/O Psychology Practitioners, Coaches, Counselors, Educators, Heads of Departments/Divisions and or Executives – Individuals who are interested in developing a better understanding of themselves, their decision-making approach and what makes them and their organization “tick.”

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Examine your background and identity so that you can interact more authentically with coworkers, customers, and the community.
  • Explore how the brain functions so that you can recognize unconscious bias as a natural function of the human mind.
  • Expose patterns of Unconscious Bias so that you can navigate their impact on decision making.
  • Confront your own biases so that you can practice conscious awareness.
  • Identify organizational leverage points so that you can mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in interactions, processes, and structures.
  • Practice strategies and tools so that you can create systemic change in your organization.