At Cook Ross Inc., our unique methodology and overall culture is built around a transformative new concept that we call “ReInventing Diversity for the 21st Century”©. This breakthrough approach creates organization-wide sustainable transformative change by replacing the tired old “race-based”, American-centric and ”us vs. them” historical diversity trainings with a new cutting-edge transformative systems model.

Our cutting-edge Cook Ross model explores modern-day 21st-century millennial issues related to diversity and inclusion like globalism, increased cultural intelligence, our inherent human tendency toward bias and analyzing unconscious organizational patterns all of which impact the way that employees, vendors and customers from different cultures, age ranges and diverse backgrounds relate to each other on a daily basis.

Cook Ross Inc. has been studying the area of “unconscious bias” in depth for nearly a decade. Many organizations consider Cook Ross to be a pioneering thought leader in practical real-world application of academic research on issues ranging from the unconscious to analyzing organizational diversity efforts around the world.

Our methodology draws from the most current relevant areas of trusted academic research in the fields of social cognition theory, social psychology, behavioral economics, visual cognition and more. Cook Ross finds ways to apply this cutting-edge research directly to practical business and community environments around the world. In order to build an organization-wide culture of true inclusion, one must take into serious consideration the phenomenon of unconscious bias, cultural competency, talent management, business strategy and more. This would require the implementation of organizational development management processes that we routinely provide to our clients.

We believe that Cook Ross Inc. offers a unique approach and strategic framework for developing an organization-wide unconscious bias strategy for our clients around the world.