Patterns of Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

Patterns of Unconscious Bias in Talent Management is a self-paced performance support tool focusing on 6 Patterns of Unconscious Bias: Diagnosis Bias, Pattern Recognition, Anchoring Bias, Confirmation Bias, Commitment Validation, and Internalized Bias. It explores the impact of these biases on the domains of talent management, including sourcing, recruiting and interviewing, performance reviews, calibration, recognizing talent, and developing and promoting talent.

Learning Objectives include:

* Reinforcing bias-mitigation skills previously learned in other types of unconscious bias work or training

Patters of Unconscious Bias in Talent Management is formatted as a 15-minute SCORM-compliant self-paced tutorial and self-paced learning guide (PDF) that can be viewed in combination with each other. During the tutorial, the learner is prompted to pause the course at various intervals to complete self-reflection and application activities in the guide. Suggested for combining with Cook Ross’ Unconscious Bias Foundations Course, Rethinking Bias in Talent Management Course, and Unconscious Bias e-Learning.