Unconscious Bias E-Learning

Breakthroughs in the neuro and cognitive sciences are leading us to deeper and more powerful understandings of how the human mind sees and relates to other people, and how that contributes to our challenges around diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency. Cook Ross Inc’s Unconscious Bias eLearning course familiarizes both individual employees or associates, and members of management teams, with the concept of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. The course shows that education, exploration, self-analysis, and strategy can transform all individuals and the entire spectrum of talent management. To do this, learners are immersed in a simulated environment as a new hire beginning a new career in a new organization. Each visit on the orientation tour gives learners the opportunity to learn and practice new concepts and skills.


  • Define the terms related to the concept of Unconscious Bias
  • Identify the filters through which you view and interpret yourself and others
  • Explore patterns in your own ways of evaluating other people based on your cultural background
  • Examine the areas where unconscious perception and culture has the potential to impact your beliefs
  • Apply this new knowledge to your everyday work experience

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