Cultural Competency

The increasing globalization of our businesses and workforces implores us to develop a deep understanding of ourselves as reference points for others.  Investing in both building awareness of one’s normative culture and the frameworks of others returns great value as we build and deploy teams of many worldviews, and access a rapidly expanding customer base.  The ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is essential to organizational success. Learners in Cook Ross cultural competency workshops:

  • Deepen their understanding of norms and values across a wide range of human cultures and ethnic backgrounds
  • Develop key skills in the domains of cultural humility, cross-cultural communication, and cultural flexibility
  • Practice recognizing and navigating cultural differences through interactive exercises and simulations

Workshops are available in 2 hour, half day, full day, and six month durations. Please see below for a variety of offerings on cultural competence.

Six Month Cultural Competency Program

The Cultural Competency Program is a six month program which includes multiple learning events and activities [face to face, virtual, and self-paced]. This blended learning opportunity will investigate cultural background and patterning as well as their relationship to the unconscious mind. Learners will develop relationships, team dynamics, and overall organization effectiveness.

Cultural Competency

Course Objectives

  • Increase awareness of your own cultural background for authentic interactions in the workplace
  • Reveal unconscious biased behaviors
  • Develop understanding of others’ cultures in order to impact sales, marketing, talent management, clinical outcomes, and customer service
  • Improve cross-cultural communication to clients, customers, and co-workers
  • Create business transformation, improve relationships, team dynamics, and organizational effectiveness through challenging and interrupting our conscious and unconscious biases
  • Apply new strategies and tools to foster effective intercultural interactions

Cultural Competency Level I

This Cook Ross session is an introduction to cultural competency through expert presentation, group exercises and each participant’s development of a “Personal Culture Map”. Participants in this session will explore the continuum of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency by examining ethnocentrism, ethno-relativism and cultural flexibility. Participants will take part in a cross-cultural simulation named Barnga, which will help develop skills to mediate and navigate cultural differences. This session will focus on deepening the individual’s understanding of norms and values across a wide range of human cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The key takeaways for participants from this session is an “Individual Cultural Competency Action Plan” that will identify personal strengths and also highlight areas of possible continued professional development.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cultural Competency Level II

Our world is becoming increasingly diverse, and communicating with each other across cultures has become even more challenging. This Cook Ross session is designed to help participants better understand how cultural distinctions of communication may impact and enhance their ability to work with each other and also serve key stakeholders of the organization. This session builds upon Cultural Competency Level I and will include a self-exploration module where participants will explore 4 components of the development of individual cultural identity. In this session, emphasis will be placed on developing cultural communication skills and strengthening the ability to build respectful relationships across cultural boundaries. Participants will also examine the impact of cultural norms on group /team behavior and innovative strategies for strengthening organizational culture.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Full Day Cultural Competency – Level I & II

Duration: 8 hours

Cultural Competency Level III

The ability to build trust and mutual rapport with people from various cultural backgrounds is critical to being an effective leader in today’s diverse workplace. This Cook Ross session is designed specifically for people managers and senior-level leaders. In this session, emphasis will be placed upon exploring the intersection of culture and talent development and human resource management. Simulations in this session will focus on creating high-performing culturally diverse work teams. Participants will create a “Manager’s Action Learning Plan” for managing talent across cultural boundaries. (Prerequisite: Completion of Cultural Competency Level I)

Duration: 3.5 hours

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