Diversity & Inclusion

As a consultancy committed to enduring change and transformation, Cook Ross has many years of experience in aligning culture to strategy, whether full on culture change, or focusing on impacting a particular aspect of a client’s business.   We use a systemic and behavioral science approach to diagnosis, visioning, and structural adjustments to bring more alignment to organizations.  Cook Ross can work with your organization to craft a strong vision for the future, orient teams to that future, assess current state, coach individual leaders to find their authentic ‘why’ for the future and learn to communicate that powerfully.  Below please find an iterative change approach originally introduced in “Re-Inventing Diversity.”

Re-Inventing Diversity©

Most people have a point of view on the value of “diversity” and “inclusion” efforts within an organization. However, very few of us share the exact same views. This Cook Ross workshop is based on the new re-invented paradigm of diversity where definitions, demographics, and benefits are clearly framed in a concise manner. Our Re-Inventing Diversity© paradigm takes us out of the old “us-versus-them” dynamic and tries to instead focus on cultural competence within the context of the modern world. This workshop has us look beyond “good people” & “bad people” and instead focus on recent research within the field of neurosciences.  We demonstrate that diversity exists beyond simply “awareness training” and that this new approach needs to be firmly grounded within the overall culture of the organization. This Cook Ross workshop is highly-engaging and interactive. Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of what “diversity” really means, and how our Re-Invented Diversity© approach can help build a more inclusive culture in your organization.

Duration: 1-3.5 hours

Beyond Diversity: Foundations Course

Everyone knows that all human beings sometimes feel more comfortable with some people and not with others. We all get “triggered” by exposure to different kinds of people. Unconscious perceptions govern many of the most important decisions we make every day and these perceptions can potentially have a profound effect on our personal and professional lives. This Cook Ross workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of “unconscious bias” on our personal beliefs and professional behavior. In this session, participants will participate in the “The Big Decision,” an experiential learning exercise that exposes hidden beliefs and attitudes toward others in the context of talent management. This new higher level of engagement requires an increase of awareness, introspection, authenticity, humility, and compassion in all people. Most of all, this change will require better communication and a sincere commitment to action. Other key takeaways from this session will include a deeper examination of how unconscious bias develops in our minds, where those frameworks come from in our life experience, and the overall impact that “unconscious bias” could have on your bottom-line. We introduce the PAUSE model, and 6 steps for mitigating unconscious bias. Please note in a 2 hour version that we won’t use The Big Decision simulation.

Duration: 2-3.5 hours

Employee Resource Group Foundations

Employee resource groups, also called business resource groups, are a key component of any organizations diversity and inclusion strategy. This Cook Ross session is specifically designed to guide an organization that is new to employee networks or an organization that is looking for a new measureable value focus (as well as those that simply want to reignite their membership’s passion). Participants will receive a combination of instruction and facilitated brainstorming that will result in the development of a strategic and tactical plan that will position them to drive measureable value to their business and membership. Key takeaways from this session will include: A documented strategic plan, a network charter and a network budget assessment that links back to measureable commitments. This can be customized to specific needs

Duration: 8 hours

Creating Inclusive Organizations Through Allyship

The historic pattern of “us vs. them” focus around issues of diversity and inclusion has often complicated our attempts to create truly inclusive organizations. And yet, history shows that true social or cultural change only ever happens when people from both the dominant and non-dominant groups can develop the ability to work in partnership.  Cook Ross has developed strategies and processes that build trust between groups and creates opportunities for people of all groups to work side by side to create more conscious and inclusive organizations.  Both through education and structural consulting, we assist organizations in creating teams of people that work in true partnership for change.

Strategic Diversity Plan

The Strategic Diversity Plan utilizes the Cook Ross Diversity Systems Map™ which is a tool for understanding, assessing, and developing a strategic diversity plan that closely links diversity with the business strategy of the organization. This technology engages employees throughout the entire organization while helping participants define business implications and understand the greater complexity of diversity and inclusion as it is applied to many areas of an organization.

Duration: 2-5 Day planning plus Individual Coaching Sessions/4-hour Executive Roundtable

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Communications Plan

This structured plan leverages Cook Ross internal expertise to partner with your corporate communications and/or diversity/inclusion communications team to develop a customized integrated communications plan targeting internal and external key stakeholders. The integrated communications plan utilizes traditional and non-traditional communication platforms and key messaging to engage employees and external audiences. It strategically leverages and incorporates diversity and inclusion, corporate and brand messaging to help strengthen your company’s diversity and inclusion and overall competitive positioning in the marketplace.

Duration: 2-4 month process including assessment, planning and development

Executive Coaching

Coaching is critical to ensuring that learned behaviors and skills are modeled and reinforced by key influencers in an organizational system. As such, Cook Ross is regularly engaged with supporting leaders in finding their authentic voice in leading inclusion efforts, building their own accountability as inclusive leaders, and learning how to inspire behavior change in their line of sight.

Duration: Hourly

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