In spite of the many millions of dollars invested in building gender-equitable workforces, there is still work to do to ensure that women have the understanding and tools to communicate and engage in male-oriented cultures.  Dynamic Choices for Women has been offered for years to a variety of levels of women with proven results in increased engagement and retention.

Dynamic Choices for Women

This session is the perfect solution for organizations looking to retain and attract women. Until now, many women have felt the need to give up core parts of their identity in order to successfully assimilate into male-dominated work cultures. Research has provided us with deep knowledge of the unique views and innovative approaches that women bring to core organizational values, performance, workplace behavior, career development, managing relationships and other workplace dynamics. This unique Cook Ross session will consist of a one-day workshop, one (1) hour of individual one-on-one coaching per participant, an additional half -day workshop for completion after 45 days, and organizational recommendations for building a more gender-inclusive organization. This session is a very personal experience and has proven results for retention and advancement of participants. Note that the workshop design is flexible to accommodate a variety of organizational needs and circumstances.

Duration: 10 person minimum.

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