The Aspen Grove

AspenForest full  While many forests are simply trees that just happen to be close together, an aspen grove is different. The individual trees within these stands are interconnected by a shared root system and the trees themselves are genetically identical to one another. New aspen trees grow as root sprouts that grow off of a parent tree. The largest known aspen grove, nicknamed Pando, is located in Utah and covers 106 acres.

At Cook Ross, we believe that the aspen grove is a beautiful metaphor for humanity. For while we appear to be separate from one another – we are, in fact, connected. We simply cannot survive in isolation; we depend on each other and must learn to live together. Our connectedness is reality. That which separates groups of people from each other is an illusion. As we strive to make our human organizations more conscious, more equitable, and more humane, our larger goal is to transform the world – one organization at a time.