Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

Rethinking Bias in TMSome of the most effective diversity and inclusion interventions take place in the intersectionality of unconscious bias and talent management. Assessing each structure and system, identifying where institutional biases exist, and where people make decisions can open the organization to talent it already has but is blocked by biases on who looks like a good performer, who is perceived to have potential, and who appears to be ready for the next level. As all humans, including people managers and leaders, are fundamentally self-referential,  we are deeply prone to look for our own traits and characteristics when we assess others. Those whose work and communication styles and have backgrounds similar to ours can tend to be assessed as having higher performance and potential than those who are more different. Cook Ross has worked extensively in both educating people managers, leaders and process owners on where talent management and bias intersect, as well as how to adjust existing structures and systems to be more open.


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