Cook Ross is committed to being actively involved in our community. We aim to not just “give back”, but partner with organizations so that our synergy may amplify the impact we both want to make in this world.


Transforming organizations around the world towards becoming more conscious, inclusive, and humane communities.


By living our values, and through our products, services and relationships we create breakthroughs that transform the way organizational communities function everyday.

Brand Promise

To be a credible, experienced, results-oriented partner for organizations — igniting conversation, transforming minds, and inspiring individuals and teams towards building effective and inclusive organizational communities.

Cook Ross has six core values we are committed to:

Authenticity – Being true to one’s own personality, spirit, values and/or character.

Generosity – We give more of ourselves than is expected; with each other, our clients and our community

Inclusion & Diversity – We value, include and respect all people

Inner Work – We engage in critical self-reflection for personal growth and to drive authentic interaction

Integrity – Our word is the foundation upon which we honor our commitments.

Passion – We care deeply about the work we do and our shared commitment to our purpose allows us to pursue transformation for our clients and ourselves.



Cook Ross provides pro-bono services including keynotes, workshops, and guest lectures at nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and conferences. We consult on diversity & inclusion strategy, sit on advisory boards, offer coaching and professional development sessions, and provide reduced fees for participation in our public courses. We have partnered with organizations in a wide variety of sectors including youth groups, high schools, universities, political organizations, think tanks, and advocacy groups. The people of Cook Ross also engage in volunteer work at other organizations, such as soup kitchens, shelters, clothing drives, and other nonprofits.

If you are interested in our pro-bono offers, there are three options to choose from:

  1. Keynotes and Workshops
  2. Consulting Services
  3. Public Course Seats

Please complete the form associated with your type of request below and submit it to us for review. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing. We look forward to hearing from you!

For questions, please email lookingforanswers@cookross.com

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