Cook Ross Inc. was founded in September 1989 by Howard Ross, a former educator and hospital administrator who had been an organizational development consultant and Dottie Cook, a former corporate trainer, consultant, and executive.

From the beginning, Cook Ross Inc. was committed to providing services to clients that exceeded expectations, and which encouraged our clients to look, think, and act in ways that would contribute to their organizational success.

Although providing excellent training has always been a company strength, we at Cook Ross realize from the start that training was only a small part of the puzzle – that good training will only be effective if it is supported by changes in the overall systems and structures that make up the culture of the corporation and which support new learned behaviors. Therefore, we at Cook Ross Inc. have always been committed to transformational systems changes from the very beginning of our company.

Our co-founder, Dottie Cook, left the company in 1991 and since that time, Cook Ross has continued to grow with our products and services. More recently, we have developed new cutting-edge programs to support people in their own personal and professional transformation. We have also moved into product development, creating eLearnings, mobile learning apps, and web-based education for our clients.

As we have grown, so has our global client list. Over the years, household names in virtually every business category have turned to Cook Ross to make their organizations more productive. We have developed the ability to cross industries and take best practices  to enhance the performance of others. Our work over the years has spread around the country and across the globe. We have left our foot print in over 90% of the United States and in countries throughout the world in places like Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. At Cook Ross we promise to continue to grow, learn, develop, and contribute to transformation around the world.

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