Anne Ferrier

Anne Ferrier


Anne Ferrier brings more than 25 years of experience as a global coach and clinical psychologist. During this time, Anne has worked in the field of human change and development. She has served as a clinical psychologist in private practice in the Netherlands and Spain and as a certified executive coach and workshop facilitator in the United States.

As a seasoned executive coach, Anne focuses on the concept of the observer and how our cultural assumptions open or limit our interactions with others. She is the award-winning producer of the documentary, “The Observer and The Observed” funded by SAMHSA, a film about diversity and stigma involving families with children with mental health challenges. She designs and facilitates “World Café” dialogues with the goal of building diverse communities where different points of view are shared, heard, respected, and celebrated.

Anne helps her clients gain new insights and build new professional beliefs and skills by enabling them to increase their compassion for both self and others. Anne was born and raised in Surinam, South America. She has lived and studied in Antwerp, Belgium, Malaga, Spain, and Amsterdam and currently resides in the United States.

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