After nearly 30 years of helping our dedicated clients lead boldly through change and transformation, Cook Ross is excited to share that Michael Leslie Amilcar, our managing partner since 2013, has assumed sole ownership of Cook Ross and the role of CEO effective August 1, 2018.

“It feels like  a lifetime ago when the company began with a single client and big dreams of impacting society by bringing innovation and new thought leadership to the Diversity & Inclusion consulting world.  It has always been our aspiration for Cook Ross to be bigger and better than any single individual,” shared

Howard Ross, company founder. “Michael’s appointment as the company’s managing partner, was a conscious and deliberate decision that solidified our succession and ownership-transition plan, positioning the company for future expansion and sustainability. For the last five years, Michael has been gradually taking more and more leadership responsibility, and for the past couple of years expertly guiding the company’s strategic direction and managing all day-to-day operations.”

Under Michael’s leadership as managing partner, Cook Ross has grown tremendously, in alignment with the company’s plan to create greater inclusion in organizations. Currently, the company has over 40 full-time employees and a highly experienced consultant network dispersed across the globe. Leslie Traub, who has co-owned the company with Howard since 1994, said “I have the utmost confidence in Michael’s ability to move the important work of Cook Ross rightly into the future.  She has been the clear choice to grow Cook Ross and build upon the core values and profound self-awareness that is at the heart of our work and organizational culture. Anyone who has met Michael knows of her deep commitment to our clients, our work, and our mission.” Cook Ross continues to evolve its organizational consulting, change management, and educational services based on the original groundbreaking work of Unconscious Bias, as well as provide on-demand digital training and high-quality leadership development opportunities, like the CDO Leadership Forum that kicks-off this September.

Reflecting on her new role, Michael stated:

I believe wholeheartedly that the work we are doing is making a much needed difference in this world, especially when polarization and uncivil discourse is rising. I could not be prouder to be at the helm of this esteemed organization, working with a talented and passionate team, and partnering with deeply courageous and committed clients. I am also honored to be able to carry the torch forward and recognize that I did not arrive here without the mentorship and support of industry thought leaders and legacy practitioners. I am deeply grateful for their support and excited for what the future holds for Cook Ross as we continue, in partnership with our clients, to advance the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In addition to the eleven years of service at Cook Ross, Michael’s career includes roles at organizations such as AXA Equitable, NBC, Magic Johnson Enterprises, and Diversity Best Practices. Michael’s experience and accomplishments reveal a relentless dedication to evolving her own conscious-minded leadership style and developing a human-centered approach to strategy and solutions. She has repeatedly demonstrated the extraordinary value that an inclusive, people-first culture can bring to organizational health and business performance. In her new role, Michael, alongside her leadership team, will focus on advancing the Cook Ross vision, mission, and reach of the company to new and greater heights.

Howard and Leslie, who have been both business and life partners for over 25 years, will remain engaged and committed to Cook Ross as principal consultants– focusing on client engagements, thought leadership, and speaking engagements, as well as having more time for family, travel, and other projects in their lives.

Cook Ross is a management consulting firm based in Silver Spring, MD, specializing in diversity, inclusion, leadership development, and organizational change management. We partner with organizations all over the world to solve the most complex and challenging talent issues facing organizations today. If you would like more information about Cook Ross or the services we provide, please contact us by phone at (301) 565-4035 or by email at