You’re Biased Against Me! How to Navigate Bias When It Happens to You

September 2017
presented by Senior Consultants Kimberly Rattley & Minjon Tholen


We often discuss bias to understand how our implicit biases show up in our behaviors and decisions. We all have biases, but many of us also feel bias directed toward us. In this webinar, Cook Ross Senior Consultants Minjon Tholen and Kimberly Rattley discuss how to identify and address bias in the workplace from the perspective of the recipient. Discover how you can:

  • Assess the situation objectively
  • Acknowledge and manage your emotions
  • Practice courageous and authentic conversations
  • Improve how you relate to each other in the future

These actions will assist you in working through the difficult situations that arise when you find yourself to be the recipient of bias.

Kimberly Rattley,
Senior Consultant
Minjon Tholen,
Senior Consultant