By Cook Ross C-Suite | January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

As Cook Ross evolves and grows as an organization, we are so excited to welcome in 2019 and all of the amazing experiences that will come with it. As Cook Ross’ C-Suite, we wanted to introduce ourselves to you, tell you a little bit about our New Year’s Resolutions, and wish a 2019 filled with belonging, prosperity, and joy.

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Michael Leslie Amilcar, Chief Executive Officer


Having been an employee and partner of Cook Ross for the past twelve years, I am now proud to hold the role of CEO for Cook Ross as of August 2018.  I am thrilled to lead this company into its future. My New Year’s Resolution is to find ways to connect and collaborate with other passionate and committed persons across various sectors and disciplines to create real change in this world. D&I, at its core, is rooted in a long history of social activism and it has weaved its way into our global narrative through a commitment to equality.  How can we then partner with each other to evolve the work in such a way that has our talents and passions combine to make a more inclusive tomorrow?  I look forward to what we can create together.

Suzanne Cardwell, Chief Strategy Officer


As Cook Ross’ Chief Strategy Officer, I am constantly on the go, and always thinking of new and better ways we can serve our clients to build a more inclusive future. To support my constant movement in 2019, it will be crucial for me to commit to two New Year’s Resolutions.

The first is to enjoy the present: who I am with, where I am, and what is happening around me. I look forward to having many moments enjoying the beautiful world that surrounds me and the presence of others through every sense.

The second commitment I’m making relates to my personal growth. As a woman who has worked in many corporate environments, it has always been important to show up strong and confident. At home, I continue to teach my two teenage sons to lean into vulnerability as a way to practice accountability. And it’s this very lesson that I’m committing to. Cook Ross is a place that encourages discomfort and vulnerability; allowing me to practice discomfort and listen with empathy, curiosity, and responsibility.

Sandy Harris, Chief Operating Officer


January 7th marks the beginning of my journey as Chief Operating Officer here at Cook Ross, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to join the team!  I sincerely look forward to partnering with the Cook Ross team to understand and optimize our employee and client experiences, and to drive operational excellence.  It’s a time of many new beginnings for me: a new year, in a new position, with a new company, and with a new sense of wonder and appreciation.

My New Year’s Resolution has been the same for many years: to express gratitude. As I enter each new year, I exercise a gratitude practice where I take time to reflect on my personal growth and expansion from the prior year, to acknowledge the gifts of the present moment, and to set intentions for exciting new possibilities for the year ahead.  Stepping into 2019, I feel a deep appreciation for the opportunity and privilege to serve our clients and community as Cook Ross continues to bring transformation to life, creating inclusive leadership and cultures within our respective organizations.

So, here’s to new beginnings! Wishing you all a healthy, safe, abundant and joyful new year.

Ashok Nayyar, Chief Financial Officer


As Cook Ross’ Chief Financial Officer, my mind is constantly buzzing about day-to-day responsibilities. This includes planning, implementing, and controlling all financials. I’m in a never-ending thought process about forecasting, risk management, governance, or profitability through process improvement.

Cook Ross is on an exciting growth journey as it enters 2019, and my New Year’s Resolution is to take more time to pause the never-ending thoughts and reflect. Every day-to-day decision and effort made by myself and my colleagues is in an effort to ensure our products, services, and events help increase inclusion. I’m excited to keep Cook Ross’ financials strong, because keeping Cook Ross financially healthy is what lets us continue to drive diversity and inclusion in our communities, organizations, and the world.

Isabel Varela, Chief of Staff


I tend to be very fluid and adaptable to what’s going on around me, which is key in my role as Chief of Staff with Cook Ross. Given this personality trait, I never make New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, my aspiration for each new year is consistent: to be flexible and embrace change with excitement, creativity, and positivity.