Tips and strategies from Cook Ross’ thought leaders.

Social Strategies for Your D&I Initiatives

By Natanya Khashan | January 22, 2019 In our last blog post on diversity and inclusion (D&I) and social media, we went through a checklist for an inclusive social media presence. This week, we explore different ways you can use social media platforms to actually...

Happy New Year from Cook Ross’ C-Suite!

By Cook Ross C-Suite | January 7, 2019 Happy New Year! As Cook Ross evolves and grows as an organization, we are so excited to welcome in 2019 and all of the amazing experiences that will come with it. As Cook Ross' C-Suite, we wanted to introduce ourselves to you,...

A Checklist for an Inclusive Social Media Presence

By Natanya Khashan | December 5, 2018 There are now 4 billion people across the globe using social media. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 50% of American adults get their news from social media sites, and social media users are an incredibly diverse...

Mix Up Your Holiday Games

  By Carrie Mills | November 20, 2018 Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a family-focused holiday season. As you prepare for time with your closest relatives, pack up a new game or two to cut the tension and share key inclusion concepts. Share key #inclusion...

Creating an Inclusive Environment for Remote Employees

Remote work can bring significant benefits to a company by allowing it to look beyond its headquarters to attract top talent. Companies open to remote employment experience access to a larger talent pool, lower overhead costs, and improved productivity. Employees who...

Cook Ross Announces New CEO

For the last five years, Michael has been gradually taking more and more leadership responsibility, and for the past couple of years expertly guiding the company’s strategic direction and managing all day-to-day operations.” Under Michael’s leadership as Managing...

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