Tips and strategies from Cook Ross’ thought leaders.

Creating an Inclusive Environment for Remote Employees

Remote work can bring significant benefits to a company by allowing it to look beyond its headquarters to attract top talent. Companies open to remote employment experience access to a larger talent pool, lower overhead costs, and improved productivity. Employees who...

Cook Ross Announces New CEO

For the last five years, Michael has been gradually taking more and more leadership responsibility, and for the past couple of years expertly guiding the company’s strategic direction and managing all day-to-day operations.” Under Michael’s leadership as Managing...

How to Build an Inclusive Learning Strategy

Whether you’re a learning and development practitioner or leading your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, you should be asking the question: How inclusive is my learning strategy? Education and training are foundational to many of the interventions we...

It Will Work: Starbucks Gets it Right

I’ve read several pieces that express an opinion that the training day at Starbucks “won’t work.” I am reminded that one person or organization can significantly contribute to change; it was one woman, Rosa Parks, who galvanized the Civil Rights Movement; it was one...

When Do We Boycott?

Over the past few days the airways have been filled with news about Starbucks.  If you haven’t been hiding away somewhere then you know that two African American men were arrested for trespassing in a Philadelphia store, though they had committed no act other than to...

Unconscious Bias: Here Again (P.S. It Never Went Away)

Of course, the decision to call the police on the two Black guys sitting and waiting at a Starbucks for a business meeting was an example of unconscious bias.  Seeing them sitting there, wanting to use the restroom, and not buying any food or drink made them seem...

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