Tips and strategies from Cook Ross’ thought leaders.

When Do We Boycott?

Over the past few days the airways have been filled with news about Starbucks.  If you haven’t been hiding away somewhere then you know that two African American men were arrested for trespassing in a Philadelphia store, though they had committed no act other than to...

Unconscious Bias: Here Again (P.S. It Never Went Away)

Of course, the decision to call the police on the two Black guys sitting and waiting at a Starbucks for a business meeting was an example of unconscious bias.  Seeing them sitting there, wanting to use the restroom, and not buying any food or drink made them seem...

Leader to Leader: Talking About Power and Harassment

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.    When I scan the news on my phone, there are two to three reports almost every day on the latest perpetrators of sexual harassment or assault, the name brand men who are getting their due whether they have been tried by the media or in the...

10 Ways to Make Sure Politics Don’t Ruin Your Holidays

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, many families are struggling to be with relatives who hold different political views than their own. According to the New York Times, in 2016, thousands of families decided not to gather for Thanksgiving, given the...

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