The Conscious Inclusion series of job aids is designed to sustain learning about bias beyond the classroom and provide participants with immediately applicable skills in the workplace.

Learning Objectives include:

* Reviewing key patterns of bias as it occurs in talent management, teamwork, and business processes

* Stimulating self-reflection

* Providing strategies for addressing and mitigating bias to create an inclusive environment


Job Aid Titles:

> Building and Leading Inclusive Meetings: Identifies the impact of bias in leading meetings and offers interventions to increase the inclusivity of meetings conducted both, in-person and virtually.

> Building Team Awareness About Unconscious Bias: Guides managers on how to have conversations with their teams about unconscious bias in ways that successfully identify how bias impacts the effective functioning of the team as well as execution towards goals.

> Inclusion and Decision-Making: Identifies patterns of bias in group decision-making and strategies for generating inclusion within a decision-making body (team, workgroup, etc.).

> Evaluating Performance and Conducting Calibration Meetings: Identifies the impact of bias during performance management and succession planning processes; recommends strategies to mitigate the impact of bias.

> Making Conscious and Inclusive Job Assignments: Highlights the importance of conscious job assignments to organizational inclusion, equity, and success.

> Mitigating Bias During Recruitment: Identifies the influence of positive and negative bias on recruiting activities and recommends strategies to mitigate the impact of bias.

> Mitigating Bias in the Mentoring Process: Helps mentors think through their natural tendencies towards mentoring people whom they are comfortable with and provides strategies for how to manage one’s own biases and behaviors towards those who are different from them

> Modeling Conscious Leadership: Identifies specific behaviors that remind leaders of their critical role in modeling conscious and inclusive leadership, including how to be authentic about their own biases

Format: Each job aid comes with a PDF file of approximately ten pages of concepts, scenarios, reflection questions, and recommendations.