With more than 27 years of experience addressing organizational development issues, including deep expertise in the role of Unconscious Bias in the workplace, Cook Ross has developed a series of effective intervention strategies across four broad areas – Education, Priming, Adapting Systems and Structures and Accountability


Educational programming plays a critically important role in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. These programs provide individuals with a common understanding of goals, objectives, and strategies, while teaching and developing skills and perspectives related to mitigating bias and strengthening inclusive behaviors. We provide in-person, virtual, and eLearning educational programs that can enhance an organization’s learning and development initiatives.


Priming plays an instrumental role in supporting education efforts. It also provides participants with tools to refresh learnings, re-set skills on a just-in-time basis, and support changes in behaviors over time. Our priming products provide people with opportunities to apply lessons learned from educational programs, importantly when making group decisions or engaging in the talent management cycle.

Adapting Systems and Structures

Structure creates behavior in organizational cultures. When organizations develop alternative ways to structure their systems for making talent management decisions, they can impact the level of consciousness people employ in making such decisions and how these decisions impact people with different identities, group associations, and backgrounds. We work with clients in the review, development, implementation and enhancement of systems and structures to uncover ways that various initiatives perpetuate challenges or have inherent bias built into them. This includes recruiting practices, people management efforts, mentoring programs, and other firm-wide initiatives.


What gets measured gets done. Although carefully constructed metrics can track an organization’s performance, metrics in and of itself can be challenging with regards to diversity and inclusion. Without metrics, however, it can be difficult to track progress. We work with clients to develop a dashboard of metrics to track progress towards goals and, more importantly, identify key points that emerge as barriers to success so that they can be addressed.
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

At Cook Ross, our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients in the transformation of their organizations. Gaining international recognition for our breakthrough work in Unconscious Bias, Cook Ross is a full service organizational development firm offering end-to-end solutions to our clients. The four intervention strategies are guided by our unique organizational transformation model. Learn more about the Cook Ross Model >