At Cook Ross, our ultimate goal is to partner with our clients in the transformation of their organizations.  Gaining international recognition for our breakthrough work in Unconscious Bias, Cook Ross is a full service organizational development firm offering end-to-end solutions to our clients. The four intervention strategies are guided by our unique organizational transformation model.

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The first step toward transformation is the ability to see in a new way.  In fact, our end-to-end solutions draw on a key element of our Unconscious Bias work — developing an increased awareness of the hidden factors driving human behavior in people and organizations.  We help our clients see their people and work through fresh lenses, leading to new solutions to old problems and the recognition of new vistas and opportunities.

The unique Cook Ross model explores issues including globalism, increased cultural intelligence, our inherent human tendency toward bias, and analyzing unconscious organizational patterns. These factors have shown to impact the way employees, vendors and consumers of different cultures, age ranges and diverse backgrounds relate to each other on a daily basis.

Our methodology draws from the most current relevant areas of trusted academic research in the fields of social cognition theory, social psychology, behavioral economics, visual cognition and more. Cook Ross finds ways to apply this cutting-edge research directly to practical business and community environments around the world. In order to build an organization-wide culture of true inclusion, one must take into serious consideration the phenomenon of Unconscious Bias, cultural competency, talent management, business strategy and more.