Serving Our Clients, Partners, and Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak

a message from our CEO in these uncertain times

As all of us continue to navigate through this global pandemic, which has impacted every facet of our work and personal lives, we at Cook Ross want to extend our compassion and concern for you, your employees, and the communities you serve. These times of unprecedented personal, workplace, and marketplace challenges underscore the importance of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). At Cook Ross we are committed to providing new and unique tools to help organizations build workplaces where employees feel valued, supported, included, and a strong sense of belonging.


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The Climate of the Remote Workplace in the Era of COVID-19


May 18, 2020
By Shane Lloyd and Adriana Rojas

We are living during an unprecedented, historic pandemic and our prior experiences limit our capacity to effectively address these sudden changes. 

But in an era of uncertainty and physical distancing, we have an extraordinary opportunity to listen, engage with our teams, and build the collective resilience of our organizations.

Leading In Times of Crisis


May 13, 2020
By Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale

“How do I lead a workforce that is facing challenges I’ve never seen before?”

This question surfaces now more than ever before. An unprecedent pandemic affects our world, where and how most of us work, and tests the heads and hearts of leaders around the globe.

Here are seven ways to foster inclusion during times of crisis.

Disrupting Bias and Addressing Inequities During COVID-19


May 4, 2020
By Shane Lloyd

As state leaders issue orders to safeguard the communities we value (our families, colleagues, partners, etc.), we also need to take care to manage our own biases. Given the uncertainty and growing alarm, the conditions are ripe for wide sweeping and deleterious manifestations of bias. 

Life Has Changed—How COVID-19 has changed (and will change) how we work and live


April 28, 2020
By Christopher Morin

How do we prepare for life after this pandemic is over? Learning is key. We will need to continue to strive for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA).  As we leave our home offices and return to the organizations that we are a part of, we need to pay attention to how our fast brain may take over. The need for more deliberate thinking leading to less suspicion and more compassion will be critical.

Sheroes In Our Midst – An interview with Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole


April 23, 2020
By Tonya Jackman Hampton and Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale

In the voice of a true storyteller, African American anthropologist, educator, museum director, and college president, Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole shares her thoughts about her Sheroes, Women’s Herstory, COVID-19, and next generation inclusion and diversity leadership.

CultureVision: Supporting Healthcare Professionals During this Critical Time


March 31, 2020
By Cook Ross’ CultureVision Team

As your partners in the work of inclusion and cultural competence, it is our deepest desire to be of support to the healthcare industry during this critical time. In an effort to do so, Cook Ross is offering three FREE months of CultureVision access to healthcare practitioners and organizations.

Serving Our Clients, Partners, and Community During the Coronavirus Outbreak


March 25, 2020
By Michael Amilcar, CEO

We recognize that workplaces and communities are being profoundly impacted and we are committed to finding unique and innovative ways to partner with you to create workplaces where employees feel supported, included, and a strong sense of belonging. During this time of uncertainty, we are here for you, and will do everything we possibly can to support you.

Creating an Inclusive Environment for Remote Employees

Oct 9, 2018
By Cory Schneider, Shayne Bauer-Ellsworth, and Michael Thompson

From our archives: Best practices for building a THRIVE culture for remote employees.

Watch: Navigating Diversity Emergencies

Discover strategies for dealing with external or internal events that may have a negative impact on your culture of inclusivity. Presented by Founder Howard Ross and Principal Consultant Tony Byers.
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