Today’s healthcare professionals are seeing a growing number of patients with diverse cultural background. Understanding the needs of each patient in a context that is inclusive of their culture is critical. The more you know about someone’s healthcare beliefs or practices, the more your care and treatment plans can be designed for the best health outcomes possible: those which consider your patients’ world view. Recognizing the complexity of providing such culturally appropriate care to our population today, Cook Ross has developed a simple and comprehensive tool to guide healthcare providers.

CultureVision™ is the first user-friendly database giving healthcare professionals access to culturally competent patient care. Nothing to install. Nothing to download. Annual organizational subscriptions to this comprehensive database provide information about more than 50 cultural communities on crucial topics including communication, family patterns, diet and nutrition, treatment protocols, ethnopharmacology, etiquette issues, and much more.

How Does It Work?

It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Let’s say a Chinese patient comes into labor and delivery. A nurse wants to know if there are any specific cultural traits or patterns they should know about. What are the pertinent questions to ask? Are there any medications or diseases particularly relevant to this group? The nurse simply logs onto the CultureVision website. Next, click on to the Chinese section and click, “Labor, Birth and Aftercare.” The nurse is immediately provided with the information she is looking for and, within minutes, contributing to a better healthcare experience for the patient.

For more, visit The CultureVision website to view our free online demo.