Digital Solutions

At Cook Ross, we believe in providing interactive, innovative, and sustainable learning and education solutions that can help you integrate your diversity and inclusion strategy into your organizational culture. Our digital solutions are designed to support continuous learning as we all strive to become even more connected in a virtual work environment.

Cook Ross’ digital products offer an enhanced learning experience that provides an accessible pathway for all employees to contribute and work in partnership. This alternate social learning environment provides learners with an opportunity to engage with inclusion and diversity topics more comfortably, and often inspires more individual participation.

Anytime & Anywhere

Bias is the inclination to judge without question.

It is an automatic response from our brain that happens without our awareness, intention, or control. Our digital products and solutions provide participants with the knowledge and tools to recognize bias in themselves, their behaviors, and their workplace. Participants are then equipped to disrupt the impact of bias on their decision-making.

With our digital solutions, you can customize your team’s learning around everyone’s needs.

Virtual Learning Programs 

Our Virtual Learning options align strategies for disrupting and understanding everyday bias and becoming a more inclusive leader with the way your teams are working and learning today.

On-Demand Solutions

With a variety of online, mobile, and self-paced solutions, your team can develop an effective and engaging learning culture that is flexible to your speed, schedule, and location.

Online Solutions provide an environment in which learning is:




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