Virtual Training Program

Disrupting Everyday Bias

What is Bias?

Bias is our automatic associations with a person, group, experience, or thing that leads to unintentional or intentional advantage or disadvantage for individuals or groups.

These automatic associations are informed by societal messages and individual experiences and have been shown to disproportionately harm those with marginalized identities.


The Disrupting Everyday Bias 3-part Virtual Learning Program gives participants the skills to disrupt the impact of bias in their interactions, behaviors, and decision-making.


Disrupting Everyday Bias Virtual Training Program

Key Content and Skill-Building Activities


  • Learn the business imperative for disrupting bias and research that reveals the impact of bias in the workplace
  • Understand how bias is an automatic function of the brain and what is required to disrupt it


  • Practice the Cook Ross PAUSE™ model for disrupting bias
  • Engage in a simulation to discover your own biases in action
  • Explore how life experiences and groups identities shape biases
  • Apply a proven technique for mitigating bias and developing empathy in the workplace


  • Identify biases in key work situations, and individually and collectively commit to strategies used to disrupt bias