Navigating Diversity Emergencies

October 2017
presented by Founding Partner Howard Ross & Principal Consultant Tony Byers

We are living in a time of upheaval with organizations all over the country and around the world facing constant diversity challenges. These challenges can manifest themselves as internal emergencies that require companies to decide on an appropriate course of action while others require companies to face the impact of external events which subsequently create tension, stress, and upset among employees.

Diversity emergencies require a conscious, strategic approach. In this webinar, Cook Ross Principal Consultant Dr. Tony Byers, the former Chief Diversity Officer at Starbucks, and Howard Ross, Founding Partner of Cook Ross, will talk about the scope of these emergency situations, how they can impact employees, clients, and customers, and how they can jeopardize an organization’s brand if handled ineffectively. Tony and Howard provide strategies for addressing diversity emergencies including:

  • How organizations can assist employees in addressing the impact of an internal or external emergency.
  • Conduct constructive and courageous conversations.
  • Develop a strategic approach for dealing with, and communicating about, the situation at hand.
Howard Ross,
Founding Partner
Tony Byers,
Principal Consultant