The Diversity Toolkit provides continuously available access to tools needed for success in diverse organizations. An annual subscription to The Diversity Toolkit website provides access to two content areas:

* The Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit, for anybody who is interested in learning and practicing how to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce

* The Diversity Manager’s Toolkit, specifically for managers and leaders who are trying to leverage the benefits that diversity brings to the workforce

Resources are intended to enable learners to successfully build, manage, and thrive in diverse organizations and work groups. Because many issues dealing with human behavior are diversity issues, there are many options to consider for a specific work-related scenario. Not all options may be present in this toolkit, and an individual approach should always be considered. The tools in this toolkit are not meant to be a prescription for all cultures, diversity programs, or managers; nor meant to replace any existing organizational policies and procedures. However, this toolkit presents a coherent starting point for framing and understanding many diversity and inclusion issues, such as troubleshoot management issues that might not be included in policies and procedures.

Topics Include:

* Addressing unwelcome behavior

* Communicating across generations

* Organizational change

* Recruitment and retention

* Religion in the workplace

* Creating inclusive work teams

* Rewarding and acknowledging people

* Resolving conflict

* Generating dialogue

* Giving feedback across cultures

* Easy to deliver training and education modules