Cook Ross has developed a suite of eLearning courses and OnDemand solutions that support two of our four primary interventions: Education and Priming.

Educational programming can play a critical role in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives to provide a common understanding of goals, objectives, and strategies and develop skills to mitigate bias and strengthen inclusive behaviors. We provide in-person, virtual, and eLearning educational programs that enhance an organization’s learning and development initiatives.

Priming plays an instrumental role in supporting education efforts. It also provides participants with tools to refresh learnings, re-set skills on a just-in-time basis, and support changes in behaviors over time. Our priming products provide people with opportunities to apply lessons learned from educational programs, especially when making group decisions or engaging in the talent management cycle.

Our full list of E-learning and On-Demand solutions include:


Making Invisible Influencers Visible

Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

Conscious Inclusion Job Aids

Performance Support Tool Library