We provide in-person, virtual, and digital educational programs that can enhance an organization’s learning and development efforts. Education programming plays a critical role in larger strategic initiatives by providing a common understanding of goals, objectives, and strategies as well as by developing skills to mitigate bias and strengthen inclusive behaviors. 


Bias is the inclination to judge without question.

It is an automatic response from our brain that happens without our awareness, intention, or control. Our Disrupt Bias products and services provide participants with the knowledge and tools to recognize bias in themselves, their behaviors, and their workplace. Participants are then equipped to disrupt the impact of bias on their decision-making.

Below is a sample of our solutions that help to disrupt bias in your organization:

Understanding Everyday Bias

Our Understanding Everyday Bias keynote uncovers how hidden biases affect organizations and inspires participants to reflect on their own biases.

Exploring Everyday Bias

Our in-person and virtual Exploring Everyday Bias course is grounded in self-reflection. Participants develop awareness of how their first impressions can lead to biased decision-making in the workplace.

Disrupting Everyday Bias

Our Disrupting Everyday Bias workshop gives participants the skills to disrupt the impact of bias in their interactions, behaviors, and decision-making by implementing Cook Ross’ PAUSE Model.


Diversity is the variety of visible and invisible ways in which groups of people differ from each other.

Diverse workforces and leadership teams are more innovative, productive, and engaged. By focusing on talent management processes such as recruitment, hiring, performance reviews, calibration, and succession planning, these products and services help your organization to increase the diversity of talent at all levels.

Below is a sample of our solutions that help to increase diversity in your organization:

Patterns of Unconscious Bias
in Talent Management

This self-paced performance support tool focuses on the impact of bias on talent management, including sourcing, recruiting and interviewing, performance reviews, calibration, recognizing talent, and developing and promoting talent.

Conscious Inclusion
Job Aids

This series of job aids is designed to sustain learning about bias beyond the classroom and provide participants with immediately applicable skills in the workplace.

Rethinking Bias in
Talent Management

Combining research-based content, expert facilitation, and interactive technology, this virtual course provides learners with the skills and knowledge to reduce the impact of unconscious bias on key talent management decisions.


Inclusion is an environment that makes the most of diversity so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute their perspective.

Belonging is an experience in which a person feels safe to be themselves and empowered to contribute their perspective.

These products and services help to maximize the potential of your talent by fostering an organizational culture of inclusion and belonging in which people can thrive.

Below is a sample of our solutions that help to increase cultivate inclusion and belonging in your organization:

Addressing Microbehaviors

Our Addressing Microbehaviors workshop gives participants the skills and framework to intervene when they experience or see microbehaviors in the workplace by implementing Cook Ross’ 3 I’s Model. Participants prepare for a courageous conversation to have upon completion of the course.

Inclusive Leadership

This workshop equips participants with the leadership skills needed to foster an inclusive workplace environment, manage diverse teams, and drive innovation.


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