Enrico Bartolucci

Enrico Bartolucci


­Enrico Bartolucci is an Italian photographer, filmmaker, and film producer, living between Saint-Denis, France; Rome, Italy; and Montreal, Canada. He obtained a master’s degree in philosophy at the university La Sapienza in Rome and briefly worked as a vegetarian chef before moving to Paris in 1997, where he graduated from the university Paris 8 with a master’s in sociology of the media.

Following an internship at Magnum Photos, he worked for a while as a photographer’s assistant, then as a freelance photographer and videographer for fifteen years. In 2014-2015 he produced, shot and edited Amandine Gay’s first documentary feature, Ouvrir La Voix, and in 2016 they created their own film production and distribution company, Bras de Fer.

In 2017 he obtained his third master’s degree in psychosociology, at the university Paris 7 Diderot.

He is currently managing director of Bras de Fer Production, and working as a cinematographer and editor on Amandine Gay’s second documentary feature.