Virtual Instructor Led Training

Exploring Everyday Bias 

understanding and addressing
bias in the workplace

Our virtual Exploring Everyday Bias course is grounded in self-reflection.
Participants develop awareness of how their first impressions can lead to biased decision-making in the workplace.


In this 90-minute virtual instructor-led training, up to 45 participants will work with Cook Ross facilitators to explore how bias functions in the brain and its impact on decision-making.

Participants will also develop the ability to closely inspect their first impressions for bias and assess the next steps towards building an inclusive environment.

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What is bias and how does it impact the workplace?

Participants learn the definition of bias and the business case for disrupting bias. They learn that bias is a normal function of the human brain and are introduced to research in social psychology that reveals the impact of bias in the workplace.

Where do my biases come from?

Participants engage in our experiential Warmth and Competence exercise in which they examine their initial judgements as an experience with their own biases.

Participants then explore how their life experiences and group identities shape their biases.

How can I mitigate my biases?

Through a scenario activity, participants describe their initial impressions of a situation and then discuss alternative explanations that could be true. This activity teaches them a technique to mitigate their bias and develop empathy.

Finally, participants are introduced to the PAUSE™ model to disrupt bias. They leave the course with individual commitments to mitigate bias in their decision-making.

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