Global Manufacturing Company


In 2013, Cook Ross began a partnership with a global manufacturing firm to develop a Conscious and Inclusive Leadership initiative, laying the groundwork for driving more diverse and inclusive culture across their global organization. Like other companies in the engineering industry, this client wants to ensure sustainability and innovation to maintain its competitive edge. They want to equip their leaders with the awareness and skills for mindful decision-making and inclusive behaviors to challenge unconscious biases and increase a diverse talent pipeline and a culture of inclusion.


In partnership with the client, Cook Ross agreed to support a training strategy to engage 1,200 key leaders across the globe, providing them with baseline skills to support the initiative. Our shared goal was to provide a shared language and framework because, for many of them, this education would serve as their first deep introduction to diversity, inclusion, and Unconscious Bias.

The rollout called on Cook Ross’ global consulting team to deliver culturally competent sessions consistent across all locations, yet appropriately tailored to resonate for the regional leadership groups. We worked closely with our main point of contact in the United States, the various points of contact in each one of the regions, and the leaders of all delivery locations to ensure alignment. This helped us gain a deep appreciation for national laws and customs, and the unique challenges and opportunities for each location, so that we could adapt our facilitation and educational goals. Delivered primarily in English, the Cook Ross team supported individual exercises and small group interactions in the locations’ primary language, working with local staff to translate linguistically and culturally, as necessary.


The training rollout continues, but feedback to date is promising.

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