comprehensive eLearning Program

Invisible Influencers

an introduction to uncovering and mitigating unconscious bias

Pause to Disrupt Bias

Designed for continuous reinforcement, this program ensures learning objectives stick. 


This comprehensive 4-component program is designed for accessibility, retainability, and sustainability.


Through a series of experiences, Invisible Influencers equips learners to recognize and address the effects of unconscious bias by challenging assumptions, encouraging diversity of experience, opinion, and expression; and supporting a workplace culture that actively strives to be more inclusive.


This program is available on-demand at the user’s fingertips, and accessible on a variety of devices. A 508-compliant version is available.


The program is ideal for a wide range of industries and audiences. It’s a perfect tool to incorporate into onboarding for new employees to bridge skill gaps, and for large, globally dispersed team members.

Watch the priming video

This introductory video primes participants for the complete learning experience, prepares them for the online course, and contributes to your marketing and communications rollout.

Program Objectives

Prime learners and add to organizational communications and messaging


Facilitate ongoing conversations, practice disrupting bias, and build rapport

Provide just-in-time learning reinforcement and performance support

Increase learning retention and on-the-job application

Watch a demo by the Course Architect

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