Marsha Hughes-Rease

Marsha Hughes-Rease


Marsha Hughes-Rease is an organizational development consultant, executive coach and group facilitator. She has progressive leadership experiences from front line manager to executive leader. When partnering with her clients, Marsha uses an intentional and systemic approach to identify and address ineffective patterns and habits of working together, recognize positive deviances that can contribute to innovative thinking, and increase collective alignment and commitment to strategic goals. Her areas of expertise include individual and team coaching, leadership development, vertical and horizontal relationship building, and optimizing differences to quickly adapt to changes in the environment. Her passion is helping leaders create work environments that positively engage diverse employees to achieve outcome excellence at the point of service.

Marsha has extensive consulting experience working in industries including healthcare, higher education, federal government, multinational, and non-profit organizations. She helps organizations address their challenges adapting to environmental changes, make tough strategic choices about what to change, and build sustainable change solutions. She believes in using a variety of evidence based approaches to create learning experiences resulting in self-reflection, discovery, and a shift in mindset and behaviors to effectively adapt.

Marsha has a Master of Science in organization development, a graduate certificate in group facilitation from Johns Hopkins University, and a graduate certificate in coaching from Fielding Graduate University. Marsha started her consulting career while serving in the Navy and was involved in the Navy’s diversity and inclusion program for over twenty years. She has presented at both national and international conferences. Marsha lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and son.


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