Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Talent Management is a performance support tool designed to provide continuous reinforcement of skills learned in previous unconscious bias training. It contains a series of animated videos and companion guides used as a “priming mechanism” – a just-in-time reminder of the importance of mitigating bias – prior to engaging in key talent decisions. The companion guides are closely aligned to each video, offering additional learning application and reinforcement in the topic areas.

Learning Objectives include:

* Providing just-in-time learning and performance support on mitigating bias in key talent decisions, processes, or interactions.

Format: Ten 2-minute videos and PDF companion guides available via the client’s Learning Management System (LMS) and via the Cook Ross mobile app. Closed captioning available.

Ten 2-Minute Videos:

> 1 Video on What is Unconscious Bias?

> 9 Videos to Mitigate Unconscious Bias in Talent Management in the following areas:

o Calibration 

o Group Decision-Making

o Interviewing

o Performance Reviews

o Sourcing

o Recruiting

o Onboarding

o Promoting Talent

o Succession Planning

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