Mobile Performance Support Tool Library

Mitigate Unconscious Bias with Our Handy Mobile App!

Cook Ross Inc’s Mobile Performance Support Tool (PST) Library is an off-the-shelf solution that showcases a series of performance support tools (PSTs). The animated video series, titled Mitigating Unconscious Bias in Talent Management, includes topics such as What is Unconscious Bias?, Calibration, Group Decision Making, Interviewing, Performance Reviews. The series provides continuous just-in-time learning reinforcement and performance support available online.

Supplemental PDF companion guides offer additional learning information that is closely aligned to the learning product in order to maximize learning and on-the-job performance of the newly acquired knowledge or skill. The tools are suggested for talent management professionals who have completed Cook Ross or other unconscious bias work as a pre-requisite.

Access to our Mobile PST library can be offered though Cook Ross Inc’s LMS, your own LMS with enterprise licensing, and through a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows phone users.

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