Virtual Facilitated Dialogue and Virtual Keynote

Race & Equity

Racism Is a System: There Are No Quick Fixes

When racism and racial inequities manifest in the workplace and these incidents are named and lifted up by employees, customers, and community members, it is important that leaders are able to work alongside these individuals to address racial inequities within their organizational systems. A race equity lens can help leaders understand disparities, disproportionality, as well as the social determinants that cause inequity.

It is critical to lead by example by being thoughtful and inquisitive about race equity in the workplace. Organizations must educate themselves and be prepared to do the work to disrupt racism wherever it exists in your systems and culture.

Racism and Equity

Virtual Facilitated Dialogue

After experiencing the Racism and Equity Virtual Facilitated Dialogue, participants will be able to connect the critical topic of racism to their organizational culture and climate, and explore ways to put both feelings and ideas into action.


  • 90-minute virtual session
  • Up to 30 participants
  • Facilitated by two Cook Ross Consultants

“Now Is The Time To Disrupt Racism”

Virtual Keynote

The “Now is the Time to Disrupt Racism” Virtual Keynote provides an opportunity for participants to hear specific examples of race, privilege, and oppression, while also exploring ways they can take action to disrupt racism.


  • 60-minute virtual session, or
  • 90-minute virtual session (60-min virtual keynote, 30-min leadership conversation)
  • Up to 1,000 participants

Questions to ask yourself…

  1.   Is your organization ready and prepared to support and serve as an ally on race & equity?
  2.   Are executives and leadership teams ready to lead inclusively every day, not just in times of crisis?
  3.   Is your organization committed to race & equity systemic change which will be required to serve employees and the marketplace/community both now and into the future?

How we can partner…

  1.   Our solutions here are available to help create the foundation to begin and enhance your journey.
  2.   Our solutions stand ready to deepen your leadership skills and knowledge for the road ahead.
  3.   Our solutions help to connect, systemize, and evolve your organization towards heightened systems-level change today and into the future.

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