Race in the Workplace: A Webinar Examining Ways to Move Forward

March 2017
presented by Founding Partner Howard Ross & Consultant Allison Manswell

Our country has been struggling to respond to the many ways that racial inequality continues to show up in our nation and our organizations. Between shootings of unarmed people of color, a history of organizational bias, and a polarizing election, we must find common ground to address the issues that divide us.

Many leaders are unsure of what to do. We need new strategies to reconcile the global, national, and personal impact of bias on our workplaces. In this webinar, Howard Ross and Allison Manswell explore the dynamics that make this conversation difficult and offer techniques for a path forward. Participants will learn:

  • The Challenges: Why don’t we talk about race in the workplace?
  • The Benefits: Why should we talk about race in the workplace?
  • The Impact: How does race show up in the workplace?
  • The Path Forward: What do we need to know about each other? How do we have effective, engaging conversations on race?
Howard Ross,
Founding Partner
Allison Manswell,