Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale

Senior Consultant

“Until all of us are free, none of us are free.”  Emma Lazarus

Rosalyn Taylor O’Neale is renowned consultant and facilitator with more than 30 years of experience in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA). Born in the segregated South, she has shared her journey with audiences in over 50 countries across 5 continents.  

As a Consultant at Cook Ross, Rosalyn designs global diversity and inclusion strategic initiatives and leads workshops, seminars, and leadership development programs. She uses her voice and her spirit to transform organizations, inspire leaders, and engage audiences for multi-national and Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions across industries including finance, manufacturing, technology, education, and healthcare. 

Rosalyn specializes in diversity and inclusion program design, trans- and cross-cultural competency assessment and education, and diverse team and group process development. She is skilled in facilitating courageous conversations about race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. She lends her expertise and thought leadership to non-profits, educational institutions, foundations, and public sector organizations. 

From 2008 to 2012, Rosalyn served as vice president and chief diversity and inclusion officer at the Campbell Soup Company. She was instrumental in Campbell winning the 2010 Catalyst Award and led their international diversity and inclusion business efforts in North America, Australia, and Europe. Prior to working with the Campbell Soup Company, Rosalyn was the executive vice president of diversity initiatives for MTV Network where she established executive networks, four Global Diversity Councils, and the Executive Development Program. 

She is honored to have received a Master of Social Work from the University of Louisville, been named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America, Top Executives in Diversity, 100 Top Executives in America, and 100 most influential LGBT people of the year, but her proudest moments are when her passion and her humor create a space for someone’s “ah ha. These moments are the source of her authentic joy. While she is known for industry-defining work, she also believes that her roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, and human caretaker of her four dogs and three cats are just as influential. 

“Until all of us are free, none of us are free.”  Emma Lazarus