Seira Yun

Seira Yun


Seira Yun is a diversity specialist with years of experience within international organizations and social ventures. Seira currently runs a social venture – Discover Deep Japan – that creates meaningful jobs for refugees and facilitates their integration into Japanese society.

Seira also heads the Diversity and Inclusion Office of the Borderless Group, which is responsible for the development and integration of Borderless’s global workforce diversity strategy for hiring and developing diverse talent and fostering an inclusive work environment. Before joining Borderless, Seira held leadership positions at the International Committee of the Red Cross, where he was responsible to train both his staff and his clients.

Seira uses his skills as a trainer and his lived experience as both an openly pansexual social entrepreneur and an immigrant, to provide a unique perspective that helps coach and guide those in leadership to gain insight and make effective change that matters.

Seira received his Bachelor in International Liberal Studies from Waseda University and a master’s in International Law degree from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. He has also completed a master’s in Social Innovation degree at the University of Cambridge.