“As a result of the circumstances.we had to do some education with respect to our team. We brought in Cook Ross to talk about diversity and teambuilding. We decided to make something positive out of a negative situation. It really was an outstanding experience. It opened a lot of eyes and was helpful to our players in dealing with the situation.” – John Schuerholz, General Manager, Atlanta Braves Baseball Team

“The Cook Ross team has sensitized us to the awareness that by having a greater understanding and appreciation of our differences, we can better meet our competitive challenges. This awareness is leading and motivating us to work more effectively as a team. In short, what is happening is that we are reconnecting with each other, and as a result, building a stronger, more successfully Hurley community.” – Philip C. Dutcher, President/CEO, Hurley Medical Center

“A Journey into the Soul of Leadership is definitely not your basic off the shelf approach to leadership development. The course creates an environment for learning, experimentation, and self awareness that motivated people will find energizing. This course is for leaders truly open to change and committed to gaining personal insight. You cannot be unaffected by this course.” – Lil Hughes Knipp, President, Hughes Knipp Consulting